Saturday, 20 June 2015


Friday ;  Sunny

Finally, the weekends is here once again. At the end of every week, I promise myself that I will use my 3 days off to pamper myself. My term of pampering is not mani-padi or spa day. Its more of I stay home all day pants-less and game or watch movies.

Sadly my 'Me Day' was cancelled by a phone call. Johann woke me up at about 1pm, and told me some bad news regarding the planning of our Road Show event. Sucks, right to have your plans cancelled. Its not like I have a choice right? I had to get my lazy bum up, get dressed and go to college for a sudden meeting that was called up. After the meeting, everything was settled. Our group even got compliments from the lecturers, which was great news for our producer in charge - Daniel.

Me and Johann went to Old Town for late lunch and our Media Research Proposal. We managed to
get 2 chapters done, including mine would be 3. Hopefully President and Page are doing well with their's *finger's crossed* The good news was, at least I got to play 2 rounds of Dota that night. First round I had to play Lina because someone else picked the hero I wanted. I screwed up and had the most deaths, which was one of the things I hate to experience during a game.

Saturday ; Windy

Woke up to loud noises banging on the zinc roofs below my apartment, I knew a storm was coming, so I got up to close all the balcony doors and windows. Took it the cloths and flipped the clothes hanger to the side to prevent it from falling down. Then I went back to bed, I swear it was the best sleep ever.

Woke up again at about 4pm, made lunch for Said and went to catch up on Ghost Adventures episodes while doing my NRPM assignment. I had this feeling start my magazine assignment as soon as possible. So I did, got a green light from my group mates so I closed that chapter of my life. I went on to play tetris the whole day, still stuck between rank 31- rank 33. Shit is getting real, need to bring out my Dota Game mode. LOL!! So after tetris and GA episodes, I made dinner for Said again cause I didn't feel like eating. Was munching on cream crackers all day long, after I was done I took Tiger out for a walk.

That was when I came across the rudest man I've ever met in Penang. He shouted at me for bring Tiger past a road side mamak stall. He said it was unhygienic, wow look at the place you are eating, its filled with cats and rats! You are just being racist because I'm Chinese and I'm carrying a dog.

After I came home, I threw a fit of rage at Said. He came up and gave me a hug, which really is the only thing that could calm me down. How lucky I am to have such a caring boyfriend who pretends that he couldn't care less. I went to watch Mad Max on Everyone told me it was good to watch, but I didn't like it one bit. I closed it after 5 minutes and went on to watch Insidious. 

So that pretty much sums up my weekend. Nothing much, nothing special, but well spent!!

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