Sunday, 21 June 2015

DIY House Decor - Black Bird Portrait

            Things you'll need                                                                   Cost 

1. Recycled Mounting Board                                                            RM 0.00
2. Blue Tack                                                                                      RM 4.50
3. Blade                                                                                             RM 0.00

Yesterday I did a not so productive blog post, today I'm VERY productive. It was always my dream to have a house to my own and filled with my DIY art works. My own house in KL is very boring, in my opinion. My mom only did some decorations this year, and it was mainly all for Chinese New Year! Its still there, trust me. My mom was very proud of her work, and she won't remove it so easily. 

My house here in Penang is quite plain, all white with brown furniture. Nothing special, so I decided to spice it up for fun. Also to make it more homely when I return home from college. All I want is a nice quite place for me to rest my soul before a hectic day in college. Me being the Mr.DIY whore that I am, accumulated so much cheap home decorations from the store, I pratically can open my own branch here in my apartment. Most of the stuff still has the price tags on it okay!! 

So today I want to show you how a simple mounting board can change your wall decor forever. No joke, I'm so in love with my wall right now. I had this mounting board in my work room ever since I made my Cresent Steel for my Luna cosplay. Lets just say I messed up that and I need to remake it very soon cause AMG is coming up. 

This mounting board was too big to be thrown away, but too small to be used for my props. So I transformed it to a wall decor. The base is black, and black on white wall will really make the portrait pop. My dog is like a selfie whore, she just wants to be in every picture. 

On the back, I drew on a simple bird on the tree branch picture, then I cut it out with a blade. Make sure you do not cut too lightly or try to tear out the edges because the black base is just a black sugar paper, once torn it leaves an ugly cardboard design, but what you can do to fix it is by using a black gel pen to cover up the flaws. As you can see the white base of my cardboard was used to spray paint my white laces for Luna's helmet, so this is really a recycled artwork.

After I was done, I just cut out the unwanted pieces and blue tack the portrait to the wall. I also added on the string of flowers to make it pop. Same, it was also from Mr. DIY for RM4.90. Strings like this will commonly cost about RM10 or more if bought in flower shops or present shops like S & J. Mr.DIY is like the GST life saver, no joke. 

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